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Ercole Barovier Iridescent Vase, Murano c.1942


A stunning vase from one of the masters of Murano glass production, Ercole Barovier. Produced in 1942, this vase was produced from the series called 'a grosse costolature'. Typical of Barovier's early work, this beautiful, milky white glass shimmers in a multitude of colours when lit. The clarity and weight of this glass is synonymous with early Murano glass production.

Bibliography: Marina Barovier, L’Arte dei Barovier Vetrai di Murano 1866-1972, Arsenale Editrice, Venezia, 1993, p. 148.

Provenance: Italy
Period: c.1942
Dimensions: H 21cm X W 28cm X D 19cm
Item ref: CG00074

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